6 Steps To Raising Venture Capital — Hint: Preparation Matters More Than Your … – Forbes

Intressant inlägg som kan vara väl värt att läsa för dig som söker VC. The steps outlined below represent an ideal approach to raising capital from sophisticated investors. Unfortunately, your fundraising efforts will be less linear. You might be at Step 2 with one VC and Step 3 with another. However, the greater degree that you can sequentially follow these steps while keeping your discussions with each venture capitalist (VC) at relatively the same stage, the sooner you can spend less time in the company of investors and get back to running your business. http://www.forbes.com/sites/johngreathouse/2012/05/14/6-steps-to-raising-venture-capital-hint-preparation-matters-more-than-your-pitch/?ss%3Dstrategies-solutions


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