Graduate venture capital specialists launch asset management arm – bdaily #in

Intressant modell på riskkapitalfond! Satsar på unga entreprenörer under eller direkt efter sin utbildning… Snacka om att plocka russinen ur kakan! #in The team behind graduate capital firm Find Invest Grow have launched asset management company, New Model Venture Capital (#NMVC). NMVC’s first fund, the FIG Concept Seed Fund, will provide access to FIG’s current portfolio of start-up investments, as well as future deal flow. Both FIG and the Fund focus investment on businesses founded or managed by UK students or recent graduates, across a broad sector investment strategy, from FMCG and manufacturing to fashion retail and neuroscience. Mark #Hanington, director of FIG, said: “The launch of NMVC is a key part of FIG’s longer term fundraising initiatives and we are delighted to bring this first fund to market. “We know there are individuals beyond the traditional angel investor, with the appetite to invest in our #early-stage businesses. “The fund provides the perfect opportunity for these investors and it will complement our network of angel investors by providing promising growth businesses with faster access to capital.” FIG has developed a model of venture capital that combines innovative ways to generate deal flow with expertise of active investors who, alongside FIG, provide mentoring, advice and support to early-phase businesses. Adrian Clark, Director of #NMVC, said: “FIG’s investment selection strategy is producing a fantastic portfolio. “By accessing the high-quality deal flow it generates, as well as investment opportunities within FIG’s current portfolio, we expect to get investors’ money allocated and working very quickly. “Investors will also benefit from an incredibly strong team with proven expertise in the investment, management and exit of early-stage companies.” The Fund’s #investment committee includes Chairman Robin #McIlvenny, former Banking CEO and successful angel investor; David #Marshall, senior specialist private equity advisor; Michael #Blakey, managing partner of Avonmore Developments; and Mark #Minter, former President and CEO of Power Plate International and Holmes Place AG respectively. #in


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